SBB PK, Ms. boruss qu. 229, fol. 1r-11r
Art der Quelle
Entstehung des Inhalts
entstand im Kontext von Ereignis
Regentschaft Friedrich II., „der Große“/„Alter Fritz“
Transkription (Arbeitsversion)
Erstellung der Transkription
Stört, Diana
Beschreibung und Bearbeitungsstand

The text, entitled Specification derer Sachen so auf der Königl. Preuß. Kunst Cammer zu Berlin befindl. sein (Description of the Things Located in the Royal Prussian Kunstkammer in Berlin), was written between 1742 and 1752 as part of a larger work on “Curiositeten” (“curiosities”) in Berlin. Subdivided according to rooms, it constitutes the first of four parts, with Part 2 devoted to the library, Part 3 to the armory, and Part 4 to the population of Berlin. It lists a selection of 169 objects from the Kunstkammer; the entries were written in Latin letters, probably before the author’s visit, with space left beneath them for supplemental information to be added (in a cursive hand) on location or after the visit. Current status: digitized and transcribed; detailed object information (fols. 1r–11r).

beschreibt Sammlung/Phase
Die Kunstkammer im Schlüterbau [1703 - ca. 1850]
Die Kunstkammer im Schlüterbau [1703 - ca. 1850]